How to move on when your ex and her boyfriend is ur classmate?

well so I was with this for 1 and half year recently my grandpa died so I went into a depression she thought I was ignoring her and than this guy from my class use to spend time with her and one fine day proposed her she said yes and I came to know this a month ago that she is in relation with someone else and she choosed him over me I m trying to forget her but she always mocks me and ask me to be normal and happy how can I be happy u love her and she is with someone else in front of me 2 days back she and her boyfriend had a fight coz she grabbed my hand so now she isn't even looking at me what should I do if should move on how to do that help me message me


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  • I suppusoe just accepting it for what it is is the only thing left to do.

  • Dude move on she ain't worth the time


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