How do I get back my 4 year relationship with the love of my life?

So I dated my boyfriend for 4 years and I broke up with him over this past summer. That is the dumbest thing I have ever done and I highly regret it now. I had planned for us to get back together when I started College this past fall but we were just friends. We still talked 24/7 up until the end of January. It has now been a little over a month of no contact. He quit talking to me in January because he started hanging out with this other girl at school (he's a senior in high school) She will possibly be going to Alaska for college and He is coming where I go in SC. I feel like there's no way they would work out being that long distance, plus the fact of starting the relationship 4 months before graduation. They should know and accept that fact too right? She seems to be trying to stay more friendly with him, and he seems to be trying to get more deep with her (that's how me and him were together, we got very deep with each other and lovey.) We never had sex though I wanted to wait till marriage. Do I have any chance with him? I truly truly believe he is my soulmate and the one He did tell be a few months ago that he ''was considering another relationship with me but just wasn't sure, and that we should try seeing other people first at least for now.'' I asked him my chances with him when he starts college where I am and he said 70% chance. Is that a good chance? What should I do to get him back? I have been really focusing on myself and bettering myself the last month. For anyone wondering why we broke up, it was because I wasn't allowed to date until I graduated high school and my parents forbade me to be with this guy. I broke up the day before graduation because I was afraid. I decided we'd get back in the fall. But I didn't tell him this plan until the beginning of January. He told me he wished I had told him that from the start and he would have understood. We had promise rings and constantly talked about our future together and getting married and children.
Last night I fake on purpose snap chatted him. I was pretending I was breaking up with this guy that's getting back with his ex. When I sent this he actually responded and said he was glad everything was going well for me. He was glad that we both moved on cause our relationship was immature and not working (because I would never see him cause I had to sneak behind my parents). So I sent him back and said yea I regret so much I should have hung out with you maybe in the future.


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  • I wouldn't get your hopes up too much. Honestly, if you broke up with him there's usually a never going back once the relationship has been broken apart.
    He sounds like he's moving on, which is great for him and you should do the same. This girl he's with may simply just be a better match for him, if he's happy leave him be.
    Now, you have to focus on your own happiness too. If you go back to this guy, the relationship will never be like it was before. Things will be different, the connection will be different, as will the feelings between you both too, and there's no guarentee it'll even work out.

    He said there's a 70% chance, yet is interested in dating other people first. That there is a significant impression that he isn't looking to go back with you anytime soon. He wants to test the waters and find if he clicks with other girls, to see if he can find someone suited for him. If he really thought you were his soulmate, he wouldn't have even tried to move on and date other people. Chances are he'd stay single and give you time, hoping to work things with you in the end so he could try the relationship again.

    Even with those circumstances of you not being allowed to date, I honestly think you should move on from this guy. You've had a fling with him which is great, but he's clearly trying to move forward and you should do the same. It's been a month with no contact, and he was the one who chose to stop communicating because he's with someone new. He might not feel the same way about you as you do about him, so take his feelings into consideration as well.

    We all go through this at one point or another. But I would recommend you stop trying for this guy who's doing his best to move on, and let him be. Work on yourself, and try dating new people. There's plenty of amazing people out there, and who knows, in the near future you may get serious with someone else, and may come to realize one day that this guy wasn't your soulmate afterall.
    Love works in odd ways, but give yourself time. Don't stick with a broken relationship when there's so much more out there for you.


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