Why doesn't my ex unfollow me?

My ex dumped me a week ago in the most cowardly way ever. He tried avoiding me and ignored me in order for me to 'get' the message that we were over. I was and still continue to be furious. However, I did not reach out to him at all and accepted things for what they were. I unfriended him on facebook and unfollowed him on Instagram as a result.

I haven't reached out to him at all and have no intention of talking to him again.
But what I don't understand is why he hasn't unfollowed me on Instagram yet even though I have? Also, is it possible to block a follower on Instagram so they get removed from your followers?

I really don't want for him to following me on there because of the way he disrespected me.


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  • Yes, instagram has a blocking option. You should block him if you don't want him looking at your posts. Also, when you block him he won't be able to look at your posts from his account, unless you unblock him. If I was you I would leave him there show him what he's missing on. ;)

    • Thanks for your reply :) yeah, I'm still contemplating whether or not to block him as I don't want to come across as 'caring' too much about his presence.

    • Yes, if you block him he will still know that you care, but it's only because you're hurt. you're doing what's right for you & either way if you feel in your heart that blocking him is the best thing to do right now, do it๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Do what your heart tells you

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