Why do women get jealous? Why do women say hurtful things to an ex?

Why do wonen get jealous over their ex or current partner? And when a woman does get angry jealous does that mean she still has feelings of attraction?

Why do women say hurtful things to an ex? Examples are how they hate you or the sex was bad anyway, or they never really loved you, etc. Should a person be confident that the opposite of what they are saying is true?


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  • its just spite, some women dont like the idea of ex's getting over them. It might mean they've never had the closure they needed to get over a relationship, but some girls are just psycho.


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  • Have you ever seen a child who perhaps doesn't like a particular toy, doesn't play with it often, but would be upset if their parents tried to give that toy away (or if someone else tried to play with that toy). It doesn't matter if they don't like it, the toy it is their's. I think that is the same reason women get angry or jealous of an ex, even though she doesn't want him, she still feels like he is her's and she doesn't want to share. It doesn't necessarily mean she wants to get back together. It's a similar thing when they get jealous over a current partner. He is her's and she wants him (presumably) so the jealousy is worse than over an ex.

    Assuming you didn't do anything to deserve it, hurtful things are said out of spite. Sometimes they are also said as an attempt to emotionally control/manipulate an ex, a way of showing the ex still belongs to them because they can still emotionally control/manipulate him. If you did do something to deserve it, then she said it because she honestly thinks you're an awful person and wants to hurt you as much as you hurt her.


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