What are a guys biggest turn offs about a girls body?

What would you consider your major turn offs about a girls body?


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  • I really like HER, and WHO she is, and her body is just fine, as it is.
    What I HATE, is when I tell her that I think she looks AMAZING, and I really like whatever she has, and she doubts, and says I am 'lying, just to make her feel better'.
    I leave, then, if she says that. I think it is BullSHT, and so many women are more focused on what the 'SOCIAL Stereotype' is, that they doubt the one that is right there, just ADORING them, but they won't accept it, because of this BS that others have said, and what the media portrays, as 'Perfect'!
    What if the mainstream 'Perfect' isn't, to me?
    I don't say anything about things like that, without totally believing what I tell her!!
    I like her, for her, and some are so obsessed with their idea of what they 'should' be, that they push away someone that just likes them, as them, as they are!!


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