Wanting to talk to my ex, regardless of what the outcome will be?

My ex of 3 years broke up with me in December and instead of us getting closer and making amends we'd only gotten further. When I found out he was trying to date other girls on an app, I told him that I was gonna let him do his own thing for a while. Well, I haven't heard from him since and it's been really hard for me to understand how we could go from being basically best friends to just absolutely nothing. Our breakup didn't have anything to do with cheating or hitting it was just a series of arguments every single day for us. I can understand that he got tired of it and I hate to admit that if we were fighting that much then there's a chance we weren't good together anyways...:/

So now, I've gotten over the fact that he's talking to other girls and basically doing his own thing. It kind of hurts still, but I'm more so wanting to just stay his friend. I want to message him or call him or something to touch base, but i don't know what to expect. all I want from him is basically to hear how he's doing and flat out ask him If he wants to stay friends or acquaintances or if he feels it's best to just cut ties entirely.

Even though he's seemed to have changed and he's doing his own thing now, I don't think it would be asking to much to have this talk with him. I know he hates stressors and he hates addressing issues, so it might be awkward, but I feel like it's the least he can do, and if what he wants is to part ways then he'll never have to do it again.



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  • Stop being pathetic. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it period. Get over it


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  • I think you should just leave him alone and move on with your life. If he reaches out or you come together by chance later on then great. But you don't "come closer" after a break up - you separate, heal and start to date other people. That's exactly what he has done and you're only hurting yourself by investing this much thought on the issue


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