Girls, So, you all (most ) of you would be turned off to see your man naked the very first time?

You would be turned off to see your na naked the very first time and he is overly hairy on most of the body?

I saw one question about what's a turn off about men the very first time and I was surprised to see MAJORITY of women anwswd it that it's the abundance of male body hair that's disgusting and sexually repulsive to see the very first time they see their men naked?



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  • No I wasn't turned off by that ;)

    • You have been in that situation?

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  • Oh for fucks sake here we go again.
    Where's my fucking gun.

    • Ahh, why just scare me, just shoot me for real this time :/

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    • Well seeing that it's been splashed around absolutely everywhere I've been/looked today it would have been something of a miracle if I didn't know.

    • Oh lol. OK..
      So what's up Madam? How is your life going?

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