He said I bothered him too much, but what does that mean?

We've been together almost 2 years. We would go days without talking and I never called him first or texted him first, because I knew he was busy. But I lived snap chatting him. Lately he would not respond to anything. So I asked him why he was being like that? He said it's over between us... that I bothered him too much. Deleted me from snap. I haven't heard from him in a few days and I'm not going to say sorry for something I feel i didn't do. Or did I bother him too much? I don't understand. Is there any way to rectify the situation or is he really done and I should move on?


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  • He got bored of you. And you kept going when he got bored. I know the feeling. It means you require too much maintenance. Imagine getting constant messages probably begging for support.

    • Pretty sure the conversations weren't boring... but I do agree with looking high maintenance. Is there any way to rectify the situation?

    • If you wait a week for him to get his shit together, and rejuvenate. Then I'd say it would be possible to reach out to him, and talk it over. That you want closure, and you're struggling with putting him behind you. However, I'm 80% sure he won't date you again. Though, there's always a chance it was a rough week for him. Just don't be that crazy ex. Don't appear needy when you reach out to him. Even if he does reject. Keep it on good terms. He may have a different perspective on you.

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  • I think you should move on. The way he acted was not ok. You can do better than that.

    • So I shouldn't apologize?

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  • do the same as he did to you... and find someone else ryt now so that you may feel distracted


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  • Was this a long distance relationship?

    • Yes it was

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    • So do you think we're really over and I should just move on?

    • If he told you it's over and doesn't talk to you it sounds like it. It sounds like it's something he has going on, not your actions

  • just move on


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