Is he playing me or its over between us😢?

My boyfriend lately been pulling away by texting now faded completely we got back together on 20th of February then on facebook on the 1st of march he flirting on Facebook with other girls then the next day march2nd he say on Facebook guess im met to be single wft with a crying emoji i sent him 3 messages and a email nothing to me i feel like if u got time to be on facebook all hours you should be able to get imake some time for me then he didn't say nothing its been 6 days of nothing i been wanting talk to him but he never wants too he only acts loving treat me like a girlfriend when he's has blue balls he didn't say it was over but i text him and told him i seen it on Facebook i went back on Facebook he deleted the postwhat does it mean when a man hides his feelings from you what does it mean when a person in a relationship keeps dumping you and coming back together

Im just scared its my first relationship😢 i haven't texted him since what is the best thing to do when someone ignores you

My friend emailed him and he was trying to help me so my friend emailed him he text to lose his number everything😢 i feel horrible im crying and sad i just need some advice still


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  • you are feeling sad becuase of first relationship...
    first or last doesn't matter...
    sometimes í understand.
    relationship started on 20 Feb... not too much time... and he started doing this...

    he had a girlfriend in past?

    stop messaging him... all í can see.
    that he is using you...

    first of all he should not flirt... ( i will not say flirting is totally bad... )
    he should tell you that...

    • Thanks😢he was when i got pregnant and was forced into an abortion he did nothing he sorry ass man and father to my dead son and living daughters

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    • Ok no hard feelings😢

    • mam... do not cry... i like laughing faces... stop sending those crying faces...

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  • I think you should leave him. He's not treating you like a boyfriend should. You can do better than this.

    • Ok 💦😢thanks

    • No problem! And don't worry, you will find someone who will treat you better than this.

    • Thanks ☺😢

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  • Well, you said it yourself he's using you for sex leave him

    • Thank you it feels good to have someone in your corner when you sad or hurt

  • dump him

    • My friend emailed him to grow up or go home your immature he said to my boyfriend now he texted to me lose my number everything

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    • Yes we bot dating but im seeing what he like first before i do anything

    • okay. good luck :)

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