How do I break up?

so I have an overly emotional girlfriend and she is extremely jealous of what I do and even if I receive email on my phone she will feel like checking it to see if any other girl is messaging me. she told me to delete couple girls from past , good friends, etc. I never cheated on anyone before but she makes me feel like I'm the worst person ever and cheat on her every single time we argue. because of her I stopped drinking with friends and lost my friends as they see me as wipped and what not. But there is a good side to her or its just how my minds been changed, she is the only one that supports me and I suffer from depression so she kinda understand but not really , she supports me in my choices I make such as job wise but I feel like I have no more freedom to do things for myself, if I'm busy playing games on console and PC she calls me and shouts at me why the F*** I don't reply to her and she assumes I'm cheating , again. I've tied breaking up with her before but she gets extremely emotional, starts crying and saying I'm such a shit person for leaving her when all she is there for is "supporting" me and I can't just walk away from her as she comes down to my house and keeps knocking my door till someone answers ( I'm 18 and live with parents ) so I feel like I'm stuck in this relationship and there is no way out. It's not helping my depression but I don't know how I can leave. also I give her freedom to do what she wants as I see relationships should be able to do what you enjoy and stuff, I let her go drinking when she wants to and do what she wants to, I have spoken to her if she can kinda return what I'm giving her by letting me go out and stuff, she says she let's me but when it comes to the day she starts screaming and I end up staying in. I have no clue the hell I can do in this situation.


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  • stay if you still love her
    get out if you're staying because of pity of leaving her heartbroken

    first have a heart to heart talk with her about what you're feeling and observing with your relationship and if you can stil save it

    as a girl, i would be so sad if the guy i like will leave me

  • you need to leave. I can promise you it's never going to get better. please just leave dissappear from her life for you ok


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