My crush is sending mixed signals?

My crush, who admitted he likes me and I told him I like him too, isn't texting me as much as usual. We used to text everyday and now it's just a few words maybe. But during school, (I sprained my ankle and I'm on crutches) he gets things for me without me asking. But he tossed them at me (ish onto my desk). He always makes eye contact with me. I don't know what's wrong.


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  • he is waiting for your signal


What Girls Said 2

  • why don't you ask him what's wrong

  • Listen here my lovely, I've just split up with a guy i'd been with for nearly two years. The emotional hurt i'm feeling right now is unbearable and if it's getting like that already, then get out of there before something worse happens

    • Thanks for the information. I'm sorry that happened to you. :( I hope you feel better

    • you're 17, i knows its hard but try to see all the positives you have coming your way, besides guys. Chances are that you won't even speak once school/college ends :( and thankyou

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