If a guy has said that you're "out of his league " & "far more attractive" than he deserves, why would he ever break up with her?

I mean realistically he's not going to do better. Yeah, we argued but everyone does


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  • As @reptocarl said, looks aren't everything. Also, don't you think the guy might feel uncomfortable and insecure about himself if he feels that his girlfriend is "far more attractive" than he deserves?

    • I never said I felt that way. I always complimented him. I never held myself out to be better than him

    • It doesn't matter what you did or didn't do or say. He can feel that way regardless.

  • You just don't get it. Looks aren't everything

    • I have other good qualities too lol. It had just reached a point where we argued a lot

    • I don't believe in leagues nor do I think anyone is above or below anybody else

    • Those were his words. I never thought of him like that

  • Too much pressure.

    • What kind of pressure?

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