Is it just a rebound or could it be the real deal?

After 4 years together (the last 2 were long distance) my partner broke up with me because he was unhappy with his life. He said he needed to work on himself.

After less than 2 months apart he told me that he had moved on not only from our relationship but also with a new girlfriend. He told me that his new girlfriend is not a rebound and that he he had fully intended on becoming a hermit after breaking up with me to heal but she just came along out of nowhere. He told me that he thinks she could be the one.

He tells me that he has moved on and that it would not bother him if I were to see someone else but then he also says that he can't be my FB friend because it hurts seeing me pop when I'm tagged in something.

We have ended things positively with the usual 'I'll always care', 'let's be friends'. Stuff but I just don't understand how he can already be over someone he said was his person (me) and had bought an engagement ring for (never got around to proposing because life got in the way - hence the long distance).

What do you think - is this girl a rebound? I know he has treated me like a douche but I love him and I still remember clear as mud the day I met him 10 years ago. Do I have any chance waiting this out? He has never been with anyone else sexually except me and it was always a big deal for him so finding he's already moved on surprises me in that regard also.


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  • maybe the idea of getting engaged with the one woman he's ever truly known was freaking him out...

    As for this new girl, he could very well be saying that she's the one simply because it's new and exciting. Sometimes people think the grass is greener on the other side but then realize that life was good all along.

    my best advice to you is to just lay low for a while and try not to think about him. If he comes back you can think about it then but for now move on with your life and respect his space.

    • Thanks. He's always been a grass is greener guy which has bugged me because it made be feel insecure about us sometimes.

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    • would moving back mess up your future or something like that? he probably didn't want to ruin your life and force you to make that sacrifice for him.

    • Career schmareer in my mind. I can find work anywhere. Thanks for the input. I think I just need to move on he's with someone else and happy right now and all I truly want is for him to be happy. Just wish it was with me.

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