Guys, How quickly do you move on after a relationship? Does how quickly you move on mean anything about how you felt about the girl?

After a relationship ends how quickly do you usually move on to finding a new girl? Does how quickly you move on mean anything in regards to how you felt about her? For example if you two broke up and the next day your already on the search for a new girl does it mean you didn't really care that much about the relationship? Or is all of that irrelevant? Does whether your broke up with her or she broke up with you matter? I guess in general I wanna know how quickly you move on why you may move on quickly or slowly.


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  • In reality it all depends on the guy if he had strong feelings or not because my ex broke up with me and I still wanted to be with her and I'm not going to lie I tried hooking up with another girl a month after the break up and I couldn't my mind was still on my ex girlfriend

  • It most definitely has everything to do with how a guy felt for her. The stronger the feelings, the harder to move on, obviously.

    • Would you look to hook up wit someone right away to get over her? Or if you were really into her would it be hard to wanna find a new girl?

    • The latter, it'd be hard I think.

      But this really depends on each individual guy.

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