How to change your image in your exes eyes after obsessive behavior?

After she dumped me she went no contact and I lost my crap, texted her, reached at her doorstep tried to talk to her friends till a point she got scared of me.
I've focused on myself, and many of her best and close friends are my close friends. Let it be another 60 days of no contact though because she said after her exams.
Now I know it's pretty bad, this happened over a month ago, but I want her to see me in a much more positive light, rather than hating me. How can I apologise?
Sure I may have been a creep, but out of any respect that she once had, is it possible?
She's a good girl, and she did do the right thing but I was kinda shocked so I reacted.
I have moved on, but as a person I simply can't tolerate someone hating me. Please help me out, there must be someway to at least get to say a polite goodbye...


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  • Work on your guilt. You feel bad, and you want her to forgive you so you can stop feeling bad.

    That's not apologizing. You apologize once, to let her know you're sorry for what you did, and then the decision to respond or not is hers. She can decide not to speak to you again, and that's just a possibility you need to accept. She will be a lot more inclined to talk to you again if she doesn't feel pressured to do so.

  • Try befriending her, don't be all up in her face though.
    Be as polite as possible and don't say much, give small smiles and tell her you'll love to just be friends.
    Act as if you're meeting someone for the first time, maybe she'll put the past behind and see you as a new person.

  • Sounds like me. I have done things like this to get my ex back. Cried, begged them back, text constantly begging them to talk to me when he was the one who treated me like crap. I realize that this is the first time where I was dumped so maybe thats why I took it so hard, I am the one usually doing the dumping or moving on from a guy. I still haven't moved on completely and find myself still thinking of him. It hurts at times. I now Its someone better out there for me. I became depressed, and unhappy. But as each day I try with everything inside of me to pull myself back together.


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