Is there a good chance he'll return if I let things go?

So if a guy says he's been more intimate with you than girls he had sex with, looks at you in complete aw when you.. ahhh finish... thinks your body is perfect, says hooking up with you makes him feel peaceful & happy, says you're his kryptonite, says he can't stop caring about you, thinks you're fun to tease... all good signs he'll come back... right? He left because he was afraid of the uncertainty that his feelings brought (he never planned on falling for me) & didn't feel ready for commitment yet. I know some guys will say that if they don't want a girl, but I don't feel like that's he case here.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you should let him go for now. If he comes back and you still love him then by all means let him into your life. You might be over him by then though.

    • Well that doesn't answer the question & I've stopped contacting him first. So I'm letting him. come to me.

  • it's better to wait and watch rather than thinking too much.

    • Good point, im struggling with that

    • it's nothing new for either sex when these kinds of things happen.
      good luck.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think you're doing the right thing. If he's truly interested he'll come back and by not harassing him you're giving him the opportunity to miss you though I know waiting is rough! Good luck

    • It's so tough! I'm taking the opportunity though to work on becoming a better person :)

    • Always a good thing! :)

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