I need my stuff back! But he keeps ignoring. What should I do?

After being together for 4 and half years, me and my ex broke up six month ago. We had long distance relationship for the last one year and I kept telling him that I want to get married so that we don't have to do long distance... Which stressed him out because he wasn't ready and he asked me to break up. We have broken up a couple of times before but this is our first break up that we don't talk or meet at all for long period of time. My ex lives in the states and I live overseas now and I was going to move back to the states so he let me leave my stuff at his apartment... but since we broke up , I want my stuff back so I asked him to mail me my stuff at his earliest convenient but haven't heard from him for few month. I also messaged his roommate about it but he doesn't respond me either. I'm not sure what to do... I was thinking to send a friend to pick up my stuff at ex apt but they are not willing to communicate... what do you think I should do?


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  • Hire someone to go get it. Someone who don't be afraid to be assertive


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