Why didn't he tell me?

We've been broken up for 2 years now but he wanted to remain friends even though I didn't. It was rough at first he would be hot and cold, text me and then not respond, ignore me, and hang up on me. But as time went on ge changed and says he cares about me. He texts me often and calls me and we talk for hours. When we talk, he talks about us getting married one day. Just last week he sent me a heartfelt text about how I helped him find himself, and that I'm a great friend and a great love he strives for.

but the other day when when we were talking he was drunk and mentioned someone else. Saying "why did she say she loves me if she didn't" "she chose her family over me" "she's gonna lose me" "she's stringing me along" and he said she was texting him. When I asked him if he was seeing someone he said it's a friend

also I told him if he ever started seeing someone I'd stop talking to him because it wouldn't be right.


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  • You're not going to stay friends no matter what


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