I'm so confused!! Is he cheating on me? I NEED HELPP!!

My boyfriend and I goes to different school. We liked each other since first grade. We've been together for almost 4 months. We would hang out with each other but there would be nothing to talk about... So there would always be this girl (she goes to my school and we hang out a lot too) anyways she would always be with us so it wouldn't be too "weird" but when we have fun... I feel left out... My boyfriend and her would have fun from my point of view... And eventually I would get jealous... The first time she saw my boyfriend. she said he was cute... Sometimes I look at his Facebook wall, it would be mostly girls that writes on his walls and it makes me MORE jealous. Now we didn't text for two days. And for two days I texted hi to him and he didn't text me back! What should I do? I have this feeling he is cheating on me but the feelings I have for him never left since first grade. I'M SO CONFUSED! what should I do? Will he text me back?I feel ignored by my own boyfriend... I thought of breaking up with him but I can't do it. He makes me mad, he makes me sad but most of the time he makes me so damn happy. I have this feeling that he would break my heart like my last ex did but he promised he wouldn't. I need some advise. Will he text me back? Is he cheating on me? Will he break my heart like my last ex? Did he find someone new? Did his love for me die? What should I do?


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  • your boyfriend is feeding off of your emotions to boost his ego and he is also getting it from other girls that are happy around him. you need to reset yourself. you aren't fun because your in a bad mood so he goes somewhere else to find better companionship. he may not be cheating yet but, your gut instinct is right in that this probably will not bode well long-term for the two of you. if you can't stand his open relationship, then you need to lose him now.

  • Being clingy or sending to many texts is not a good idea makes you more unattactive as does being jealous and insecure...


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