Is it over for us or?

The night my boyfriend broke up with me he was extremely reluctant and was very emotional about it and left me with a final "I love you" before going home. He hasn't told anyone he broke up with me and recently said he "didn't know what he was" as in single or not. He texted me asking if he could hug me on my way home and I said yes and today, he had followed me on my way and hugged me again for a really long time and we walked to my house. I don't know if things are over, and I can't ask him because I'm still hopeful it's not. What does all this mean?


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  • Just talk to him he might be going through something or if he isn't doesn't sound like he is so sure of himself. If he seems feeling guilty just talk

  • reassure him that you love him and will support him, he's probably going through some things


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