What is our relationship is it love or friendship?

I met this guy 6 months ago.. we are in the same batch in our training room. out of 25 people there are oly 2 girl.. one is me and my friend who is already married We all were like so close as a best friends... but this one guys become so close to me.. we always used to hang out with me. he always go to office and come home wit me and always hangout wit me.. he's not so friendly to any one more than me but he's so cute and handsome than me. I know he check cute girls but never left me.. he's a food lover... he's been my side when I lost my father. I have to take leave for 10 days from office and have to spend my time with my family at that time he missed me a lot he always make plans to eat out for breakfast wit me becoz we work in nightshift. I wil go rarely and have breakfast wit him then come home at mornings. he always says thts the chance I can spend some time wit u. he always text me and be jealous of other guys. he hate me hanging out wit other guys. I always hold his hand because it's makes me secure. every weekend we go out... its called friendship? he also holds my hand. he never hide anything from me but I always feel insecure wit him I do no y maybe he deserve who worth. he always give mixed signals.. I m not sure. he always fight wit me a lot. I like him. but I have to get married within 3 years becoz I lost my dad. he's Christian and I m Hindu we are from different religion and I m just 21 and he's 22 . he never steaded his career so am I. but mom like him but she don't allow me to marry becoz she's afraid of my relatives. and i m sure he's not ready to marry if we fall in love. he had his big brother who is immature so I m not sure. I do like him so he is.. but I m not sure what we really am. some time I want him to protect me but we just met 7 months before. but we r like know each other for years. we are always like Tom and Jerry it's a cute fight he fight a lot but we will solve it very soon
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  • Don't ask us, ask him because you already have the answer. Just don't make ambiguous statement while asking be straight stick to point.. (Suggestion: Do it or throw it)

  • it's obvious you like him and know he likes you, ask him if he is ready to take a step further with you


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