Have you ever been an emotionally abusive relationship?

Have you ever been in a relationship where the person messed up your head so bad, that you start to wonder if you really did something wrong for the whole relationship to go sour?

They will say and do hurtful things for most of the relationship. They will wait for you to react negative to say that it's your fault that things are coming to an end...

How did you cope?


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  • I was in an emotionally abusive marriage. Eventually she wanted to go to marriage counseling. Basically she wanted someone else to tell me that it was all my fault. That's not what happened. Instead the therapist told her that she needed to change too. In the end I saw a psychologist, repaired my self-esteem, started standing up to her, and then she filed for divorce. Best possible outcome for me. Now I'm happily remarried.

    • Awesome happy endings always make me feel more hopeful for my own outcome. God bless your new marriage. I hope it's for a lifetime

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  • yes it was horrible as I am a super nice person and she drove me to the point of being a complete asshole. The way I cope with it was talking to a mutual friend and she help clearly everything for me.

    • That's the same boat I'm in. I feel like an asshole... although, I'm usually kind hearted. I only talk to two trusted friends. It helps to know that people agree with me.

    • Yes having those people who really knows you and that you can trust are so important.

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