Was it a mistake?

Hey Please help me. I want my ex back. He broke up 4 months ago but 3 weeks ago he told me he really missed me a lot and he cried.. but he also said he didn't want to Get back together and didn't regret breaking up. So we talked for about a week then i said we should cut contact because i think its too early to be just friends.
its been a week now and he hasn't contacted me, but i really miss him 😩 And i want him back.. was it a mistake to cut contact? Maybe he would chance his mind about getting back together if we stayed in contact?


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  • Was definitely wrong. And girls shouldn't think they're an only option. The dude's got options so better act right. Best of luck.

    • What do you think i should do?

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    • But i still have feelings, What if he just wants the benefits, but not getting back together? Then i would be Even mote hurted

    • That's why you shouldn't give him the cookie. Initiate the outings and let him do the rest. He should win you back.

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  • Nope, it was not a Mistake, he was the one breaking up with you and he told you later on the phone he misses you BUT he doesn't regret breaking up.
    No matter if you would have stayed in contact, he doesn't want this anymore.
    For me it sounds like he just called to play with your feelings, a real asshole move, I don't know but I guess, I assume.
    It was good to break up, move on and start to live your life and be happy!

    • Its so hard.. i still have feelings for him :(

    • Yeah I know my dear, but wouldn't it be better for you if you could move on and find someone who has feelings for you and want to treat you better than this ass

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  • the easiest way to try and get him back is through sex. if you don't want to do that then ask him what about you does he not like and how you could work together to make you two work out again.

    • sex never works, if he Is done with her, he is done with her. He would just use her for sex but he would never get back with her together and she would be more broken than before.
      Sex may work with lonely guys who have no one, but I'm sure he does have enough girls

    • well excuse me...

  • Sorry, but you two are done. Let it be.


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  • If he doesn't regret breaking up with you then I think he's done for good. You didn't make a mistake, you can now use the time where he's not distracting you to move on and heal yourself.

    • But he said he was afraid that we may start dating again, so i guess he is not done?

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    • He is not avoiding me.. he wants to have contact, it was me saying we should cut it

    • But he still said he doesn't regret breaking up with you. That's what you need to focus on here. And focus on moving on.

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