Girls, If a my girlfriend loves me a lot , why isn't she talking to me for 3 months?

I flirted on Facebook last year , haven't done it for months. I also deleted a lot of girls off Facebook. She's young and her mum is very protective of her. It was her mum that saw me talking to girls on Facebook. I know there's no excuse. But I get bored easily when my girlfriends ignoring me for a month. 3 years we were together. Is it over forever. I'm not as bad as her past exs that were drug adicts and abuses. Her mum knows I'm christan


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  • So you were flirting and talking to other women (cheating or lining up to cheat), your gf's mother caught you "talking" and told her daughter. Your girlfriend has not talked to you in a month and your defense of treating her poorly is that other men have treated her worse in the past?

    Did I get that all right?

    One way or another this relationship was not healthy. Move on and treat your partners better in the future. If you are "bored" then be an adult and end the relationship.

    • She has accused me today , seeing another girl 6 months. I haven't been dating a year. She blocked me on Facebook. I sent a text to her mum explaining I'm not dating

  • So you cheated on her basically? And she hasn't spoken to you since? I think she did the right thing.

    • I didn't realise what I was doing was flirting. But her friend said I was so I apologise for doing it December last year.

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