Why does she stare at me but doesn't try talking to me?

So when ever I go shopping kmart whih my ex now works out she srares at me. see this wouldn't be a problem but when random people start saying something its a problem. My ex has a new boyfriend, she has been with for 2 years so I known she doesn't want me back. I known she doesn't wanna talk to me since my friend told me she said she never spoken to me again. I don't know if my friend telling the truth since I never talk to this friend about my ex but she does come to me every now then with news about my ex. Which I tell my friend all the time don't spoke to me about my ex girlfriend life. were forced to break up almost 3 years ago and the break up turned really bad affer 3 month when my baby sister almost died from cancer. I won't go into details since I don't wanna bore anyone. So what u think? why does she stare?


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  • Nature's laws.

    To try to talk if the male role, usually.

    • What? so I think she wants me to speak to her?

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    • Am thinking 3 since our relationship was very healthy thinks to. her family. But I guest your right it's a. guesting. game. and I won't known. till I speak to. her...

    • O and it was. A blank. stare on her face

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