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  • i was in school back then, had a crush on her, wanted to f*** her in her every hole. she has amazing statistics which she told me later on it was 36 28 37. pretty big for a girl in school. i approached her for biology lessons as she was topper in our class in science. i didn't know too much about those hormones though I had been experiencing them inside my body a lot at that time. she said yes to me. i went to her home ona Friday evening after schools. she was dresses in red skirt and black top which was showing her cleavage to the extent where I was not able to control. i kept looking at her b**b and she asked me what's there in where you looking? i said sorry. she laughed. she was so pretty her smile was so beautiful i felt if I get her she will make my life nice. I asked her to go out first which she denied saying no one is at home so we should study. deep doen i felt like I have been given a melon and asked to eat it at my will (😁)
    She made coffee for me, not good though she was pretty. but still i drank it all. she then took her mug of coffee and started drinking. she immediately spat and said it's terrible. and asked me how did I drink. i said i didn't want to hurt you so i drank it. she went so happy that she kissed me. on my lips and cheeks. i was taken aback and told her its okay.. she felt embarrassed. I said it's fine let us study. While studying my hands went on to touch her thighs. and i got hard on imagining her inside beauty. she noticed it but kept mum. i then went onto study for the next 30 minutes without even observing what is going on. she was feeling crazy by my concentration on study.. i never understood that she was actually looking at me for like minutes. then she asked me if I like her.. i was really shocked that how did she know. i said yeah may be.. i said yes i lied to you about study.. but somehow i am totally enjoying this DNA and RNA (Robi nucleic acid) things. She smiled and kissed me.. i responded by kissing her back.. and yay it started. Then I took no time in getting undressed.. she was actually laughing to see me this desperate for her. but she said she was happy to have made out with me. I smooched her hard.. she asked me to pull her hair and enter her from behind.. i was shocked to see her approaching this way.. she was forward than me, i tried to enter her through a** but was really tight. she said wait and went inside then running back with her petroleum jelly to put it on her a**. i did it.. and then all went inside..

    • I started pounding her hard.. like really hard.. and then she simply changed her position.. asked me to pull her up.. she loved the way I licked her p**** . i was shocked as it was the first time for her and she was horny like hell. she made me lift her till my face height and asked me to lick her.. i rolled up my tongue on her and she was on top of the f'ing world.

      suddenly she screamed hard saying she was cumming.. i didn't react too much but I saw her shaking like anything.. i got worried and tried to put her down. she literally slapped me saying not to stop. i got beaten 😞 by the girl i was doing. But i realized something was in my mouth. she had cummed in my mouth. wtf

  • another time... kinda busy today.

  • Me and my wife have a relationship where she gets to have sex with whoever she wants an sometimes I get to watch

    • Dude wtf!!!
      That's serious issue.. it's an abnormal fetish.. how did u manage to even open your eyes?

    • Nope. It's called cuckolding. It's just another way. Whatever turns you on...

    • yahaan! but still.. i don't support such things.. anyway.. its just my opinion! you can't just share your wife/gf/your girl with anyone normally!

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