How do I get him off my back? He's the one who left me!

My ex recently broke up with me because he was in love with another girl... who has a boyfriend on top of it... and everything was going relatively okay I mean everything really hurt but I was moving on... then he heard some stuff I had done with my friends from a mutual friend and, on FACEBOOK of all things, called me a hypocrite, a bitch and the worst mistake he ever made even though he though I was the best thing once... with a smiley face and a have a nice day. I found out from a friend because I blocked him... I wanted him out of my life so I could move on but... I don't understand why he'd do that I hadn't talked to him since the break up and such... can someone please help me understand why he'd do something so hurtful when I'm clearly trying to keep him out of my life?


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  • Hes acting out not grown up, immature, a jerk, hurt because he has feelings for you, take your pick or all of them...move on find someone else, he's not worth the time...


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