Why did my ex think I wanted to know this?

My boyfriend of 4.5 years and I broke up exactly 1 month ago, and it sucks, I miss him , I feel so alone and I wish we would just get back together but I think we're both better off alone. We texted a few times within the past month, he keeps mentioning how he's never going to live with another girl, which is kind of how I feel but I mean honestly at some point or another we are probably bound to find other people. He sent me a text saying he got a snapchat and that some girls he added on there sent him nudes, he also told me he went on a date. I didn't want to know any of that. It honestly hurt knowing he's doing stuff like this one month after our breakup and I can't really say anything without being a hypocrite but im not bragging about this stuff to him. Anyways, I just wanted to know your take on why he would tell me all this.

I hate him so much right now and last night I sent him one last message telling him to not text me unless its something important because I'm not gonna be able to get over 'us' being over if he keeps texting me as if we're friends. It hurt to send but I think i needed to say it.


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  • I'd say he's trying to make you jealous so you come crawling back. but stay the course. breakups need a grieving period to be able to move on properly and have a healthy relationship with the next person


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