Am I blowing this out of proportion?

So I broke no contact of 3 weeks with my ex on Sunday because I found out through her best friend that one of her family members has sadly passed away. I reached out to say I'm sorry and to let her know I still care and if we could catch up on the phone one night.

She responded with a thank you and she appreciates me checking in, so I text her back asking about the call and she said only if it's not going to upset me speaking to her. I said of course not I just want to check you're ok.

I didn't get a reply all day yesterday so I've just stupidly text her again today in a moment of madness asking if I can call her tonight or tomorrow. Now I feel like shit and want to reverse the text and I don't know what she's going to think that I've text her and asked her that.

Why the **** do I have to live inside my own head? Do I text again asking her to ignore the text as it's a sensitive time etc? Or do i just leave it now and hope she's not gonna just think I'm a total asshole.

Or am I just totally blowing this out of proportion? She's a really reasonable person and the break up didn't leave either of us despising each other.


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong. You let her know you're there for her and asked if she was alright during this difficult time. She may not have felt like talking, and people deal with greivance in different ways, that's probably why she didn't respond back to the previous text.

    As for you sending another text asking if you can call her, I wouldn't say it's a terrible thing, you could let her know you were concerned about her and how she's doing as a reason for that text.
    However, I would leave it go for a while until she's comfortable enough to reply back to you. She's dealing with a lot, and you two have history, so that probably will be even more stress dealing with those emotions and reminders. Especially getting back in touch with you again after that time you two decided on no contact, it may just be something she doesn't want to get into again.
    Plus, she mentioned upsetting you, so maybe she's willing to handle things on her own as she doesn't want to hurt you or make you upset about the situation between you both.

    Give her space, and see if she replies back. If not, don't bother messaging her again.


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