Out of sight = out of mind, but I see him all the time. Help!

My ex and I broke up almost a year ago. We work together. He dated someone shortly after we broke up and now they just broke up. Anyway, I know deep in my heart I'm not over him. I think about him everyday, whether it's me seething over the way he treated me and how he's hot and cold now, or wondering how I can repair the friendship we had before we dated.

I can't leave this job because it pays me well and they love me here. I'm always a little uncomfortable around him and I get so excited inside when we have a good moment together.

I feel pathetic because I shouldn't care about him anymore, but I do. What can I do to get over him? This is the first time I see an ex all the time. The others are so out of my life.


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  • well just keep busy. I am over all my ex boyfriends.

    if there is a way you guys can be separate physically, I know that helps you to be emotionally separate from him. it sounds simple, but it works.

    even when once time an ex boyfriend of mine was in the same class, I made every effort to be separate from him physically and therefore didn't talk to him at all. it felt really good to not talk to him because he cheated in our relationship. and I just hung out with my friends. that way I felt a lot better too.

    • I don't call, text, or talk to him outside of work. at work I only talk to him a little bit. I feel if I totally ignore him it will make me look like I'm still hurt. I just want him out of my head and I can't seem to be able to do that.

  • life isn't black and white you are grieving and you are entiteld the fact that you see him everyday should put closure because he isn't pursuing you sorry don't mean to hurt your feelings I understand you 100 times but it doesn't take away from the fact that he moved on you need to send HIM the vibe that its over keep away from him and play hard to get and see how he reacts because you are always there you need to change your approch show him that you are keeping your disstance and you are not always there for himGOOD LUCK I tried it it works


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