He calls it a "dead end relationship"... says he doesn't have an "exit strategy"?

I know it sounds weird but I'm very interested in this guy but he has a girlfriend. We talk every day and see each other about once a week and I think he likes me too. He doesn't really seem to open up much about his girlfriend but has told me it's a dead end relationship. I recently left a relationship and told him about my 'exit strategy' and he said he didn't have one (to get out of his current relationship). I think he lives with her and has some business dealings with her, so it could get messy... I understand that part but I'm just interested in talking to him about what his feelings about her and me are.

How do I get him to talk more about this? I want to know if he is really interested in breaking up with her or if he's just stringing me along just in case... I'm so confused.

The guy is not a jerk-- he's exactly the opposite and very sincere, I just think he's confused about what to do. He told me we have a connection but I think he doesn't want to break it off with her until he knows he and I could work out...

How do I talk to him about this? Please, no rude answers. Thanks!

I meant that I hope he's not stringing me along. I just want to know how to talk to him about this more instead of having the subject shift to something else when it gets awkward.


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  • this is very interesting as well as very sad to me...because presently I think my boyfriend is not interested in me and is just around because we also did some 'business' together , I can gave you from the female point of view, if he leaves me which I kinda want him to do, I will forever consider him to be a user, because if I didn't think the relationship was serious I would not have made such an investment. You need to give this guy a time period to make a decision because this could go on for years, his feelings of guilt and you being there to comfort him, if you remove your comfort he may be more inclined to make a decision.


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  • If he wanted to end the realtinship he would have or will, he may just be stringing you along. Its hard to end a realtionship and start again its a big change in it needs a lot of stress for that to happen.


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  • You says he's not a jerk, but then follow that up with how he's only keeping his current girlfriend incase you and him don't work out like he planned. Sounds to me like he's not interested in her, and shouldn't be with someone he doesn't care about. Or he's totally just telling you what you need to hear.


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