How should I get back in touch with her and pursue a relationship?

First off I have barely any confidence and I have this uncontrollable blushing problem. So I just graduated from high school and I met this girl early in the year. And we got off to a good start, got her number, and we texted and talked on the phone a lot.

She would mostly text me but in school I felt so corny and awkward and lame around her and it seemed pointless. I couldn't start up conversation and I was thinking too much. So we went on and off and went out to the movies and it was stupid the movies sucked and she left right after.

But she texted me right after. But its embarrassing because all we did was text. So I failed to ask her to prom and we haven't texted since. I kinda ignored her when she texted me asking me if I wanted to ask her something.

So I'm thinking back on how stupid I was, and how I could possibly get my confidence. How can I approach her. I have her number, so I don't know if I should just call her, or text her or what to say?

And should I say I'm sorry ? Idk.


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  • well to be honest and this is a girls opinion. you didn't ask her to prom. that probably really hurt her. and we want you to text back. don't ignore us or we won't think your interested. mind games that's for us to do not you.

    bottom line: and this is soooo cliche, tell her how you feel. I mean everything, like you've told us here. call her and ask her what she wants to do, go get coffee talk to her. girls like to talk. especially about their feelings.

    • We like hearing how guys feel so don't be scared about saying anything embarrassing. it's up to you.. how much do you want her back?

    • I don't know how much I want her back, but I'm still debating.

  • so you ignored her and never talked to her after that? I know that when someone doesn't text me back I get really worried that they are mad at me. You should call her because texting isn't the same and it shows you care more, because you can text while doing a lot of other things and the convo is more choppy. Try to plan what you are gonna say before you call her. And you should start by asking her how she is and then just say I'm sorry for how I treated you do you think you could ever find it in yourself to forgive me. (this guy said something similar to me and it worked). But definately call her and try to plan something. Take her to lunch less formal then dinner but its a chance for you two to talk and get back in touch. As for being embarassed, just try and let her carry the conversation but don't just give one word replys. DONT be afraid or embarassed to say what you want to say and say what you mean by not lieing to her.


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