Is it okay to let my ex see what I write about my feelings towrads him in my tweets?

First off, my twitter has been protected since long time ago, he was one of my followers before i had blocked him bec. I needed some privacy ( by protected i mean that peoole are only allowed to follow me by my permission, and those followers are not including him now) •He started ghosting me with no reason mentioned, so i thought its better to remove him at all from my social media, but now the thought of removing the privacy of my twitter, came up to my mind and i'm so motivated to do it to have bigger audience, retweeting, liking my tweets, •• since my tweets mostly about him and my feelings towards him, is it okay to let him see them?


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  • For you, its ok?
    You said that you want to increase the involvement of your twitter. That means you will be entertained in other things! Which will take focus from the sentimental issues only. He's your ex, nothing more. Out of this detail he is a normal person like any other. If you opened twitter, it will see your things just like one of the people who use social networks. I recommend Tumblr to share and meet, respectively, feelings and people with common ideas.

    • Do you mean that it is okay to open my twitter and share my feelings, tweets with others? Including him? Even if most of them are about him?

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    • You've got a point! 😊

    • So follow me: @1negao__ :)

  • Why are your tweets mostly about him? Why don't you move on from him?

    • I can't yet. Probably a new fresh wound

    • And you won't be able to unless you stop posting these tweets. They are holding you back.

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  • Yes, because this can aid in your soul's healing.

    • Can you elaborate if you dont mind?

    • Getting your feelings out, can aid in itself. That's as much as I can elaborate atm.

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