My first girlfriend broke up with me because I endanger myself too much?

Can someone explain her reasoning? I have a lot of hobbies, one of which was bombing downhill on longboards. She didn't want me doing that anymore, but I kept doing it anyway, because I've been doing it for a while. She broke up with me because of that. This was years ago, but who was wrong and who was right here?


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  • I can sympathize with her. When you really care for someone, watching them do something dangerous when they don't have to is terrifying, where you really just can't bear to watch. It's a really awful feeling to have.

    I understand that it's something you've been doing for a while, but honestly I think in this situation you should have compromised with her and did it less often out of consideration for her feelings. Your fault if you didn't compromise with her, her fault if she wants you to stop all together (you can't completely change someone).

    • Yeah, back then I was pretty resistant to change, but I compromised by wearing more protective gear, you know, for her sake.
      I still do today, just because it makes sense, but maybe I should've stopped altogether, huh?

    • If you compromised by wearing more protective gear, then I would say her. You compromised and she needs to do her part and compromise. She can't expect you to stop altogether.

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  • Both in the right and both in the wrong. She was concerned for your saftey. She didn't want to have to be there the day you would supposedly harm yourself and have to feel the pain of seeing you that way. In a relationship though. you should never go into it wanting to change the person. But in a way. being in a relationship is respecting your others wishes.


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