Why can't my ex and I be friends? see story below, opinions?

My ex broke up with me a year ago. We dated for 5 months and were friends before that. Broke up just due to personality differences and minor issues. Even he said it wasn't a bad breakup. He was very adamant on us staying friends and I know everyone always suggests it but i do truly believe it. We met one month after the breakup but clearly it was too soon as I got a bit emotional. We then went 5 months complete NC and he reached out to me in October and we hung out. The hangout was great over 3 hours it felt like old times. He even said he missed hanging out but felt like we need the space. He even suggested us doing things together in the future like playing tennis. We haven't seen each other since October. And we've only talked once in November when I wished him happy bday which led to a very brief convo. I don't get what's happening. I have a good read on situations most of the time and our hangout in October went well. If he wasn't enjoying himself he could of left earlier and he was the one who suggested to meet not me. I just don't get whats happening. Our last hangout in October showed we can be friends. But we basically haven't talked since. Any insight? He doesn't have a girlfriend i know that he may be casually dating someone but that's it. I also don't know if he's embarrassed to talk to me cause he hasn't been able to find a job since August so maybe he's self-conscious.


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  • You can't be friends because he still feels awkward about your relationship

    • But he was the one that Reached out and suggested to meet up in the first place. He even said in our hangout he missed hanging and was making more sentimental comments then me. I played it cool. Even once we left the coffee shop he suggested us going on a cruise in my new car so we did for 20 minutes after.

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    • You're right. Based on what I'm describing though of our last hangout do you think I came off as too needy? I really don't think I did. I was just enjoying catching up.

    • No I think he's just trying to get over you

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