How do I get closure if he's ignoring me?

Everyone keeps telling me to wait and be patient but I just feel like an idiot. We got into a fight because he thought I had feelings for my ex.

I was friends with my ex and he tried hitting on my sister. boyfriend thought this meant I had feelings for my ex. I messed up I know, I regret the way I reacted.

He said "I'm done and can't take it anymore" and hasn't responded to any of my messages/calls. It's been 4 days.


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  • 4 days ain't that long. but also... there's literally billions of other guys. you'll get over it. for sure. just do you for a little bit


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  • Sometimes the more you try explaining the worse it gets. It's really probably best to let it be for a bit


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  • you didn't talk to one of his friends?

    • The only mutual friend we had was my ex. I don't talk to his brother much unless I'm hanging out at their house.

    • Send his brother a message on FB or something, and just ask if he would talk to him. It wouldn't hurt.

    • What would I say to him? The situation is even worse because they live together​

  • stop contacting him and give him space, he obviously needs to cool down and miss you, he won't if you are constantly blowing up his phone. He'll contact you just give him space and time


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