Break up with long term girlfriend (5 years) 20YO NEED HELP?

Okay so we started dating back in 2012 she was my first girlfriend however she had a fwb/relationships before me, we got on really well at the start but then soon we started arguing over small things, we get through this and then came a girl who claimed to have slept with me which wasn't true, i went through great lengths to prove myself right and still i got accused of it and reminded of it whenever we argued afterwards, then a girl claimed to have known me when i didn't know and again i proved it that i didn't know her and things got better however they were always used when we did get into a argument. So now we have been well for a few months no arguments and then this girl comes up saying i have been talking to her and pretending to be single, which ofcourse was not true, my girlfriend broke up with me after this, deleted all our pics fron MY insta acc, blocked me changed all her passwords and created a new instagram account where she started following random guys, later on she claimed i only followed family... She also told me she's focusing on her work when she has been going out to unis during the day which clearly means she's seeing someone, she also admitted she's done something behind my back when she was trying to find out if i am telling the truth, later on claiming she was using "reverse psychology" but then i realised she had said to me a week before, oh i dont know why but i have been feeling like i am gna end up cheatingon you... She was my first love and i can't cope without her, we would call eachother before bed and sleep on the phone and now i just feel like my lifes falling apart slowly
Could a girl give me a idea of what she thinks is going on?


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  • Any girl that is stupid enough to believe shit without proof... dude... gotta let that go. Trust me on that. At least in your case.. its a girl... in my case it was my own MOTHER... and i STILL let that bitch go.. what is your problem?

  • sometimes when you feel like someone is 'the one' and then you start investing your own time and energy into the relationship and then when it starts falling apart you feel like all is lost. but not all is lost, as she was clearly so undeserving of you. You should start a new life, go to the gym, hang out with friends, do good things to other people so you'll get the same in return. show her you life is so much better without her.

    • I do underatand that but how can i move on when she is what i want, i underatand rhat im a retard for this but i can't help how i feel, i couldnt ever imagine her being with someone else as it breaks my heart even more :/

  • Just move on many girls are waiting for you. She has something in mind


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