Is it normal that after 7-8 months after being humiliated and dumped to feel like this?

After countless of times I was dumped, humiliated and taken for granted until I stopped responding to her and deleted her from social media for good, and when she sent her mom to reach out and ask me for my number to give to her I said "tell her to forget about me, the way she treated me is not for me to talk to her again".

Is it normal that after a considerable period of time I still feel weird feelings when I see her name on social media when she comments on pictures of friends, or on twitter when someone retweets her stuff? Like sad memories, because of how beautiful it was in the beginning and how everything went to shit.


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  • Yeah it is, you haven't moved on

    • Why has it taken me so long? I only feel that way when I stumble upon her profile on instagram or any social media, it is not affecting me in my everyday life like it used to

    • You need to let go of her memories or whatever is making you stop from moving on

    • Im currently trying, we were together for three years and I wanted a future with her, maybe thats why

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