Was I too clingy?

I hadn't seen my boyfriend in ten days because he was busy with uni and exams, however every free time he got he would spend it with his mates/ go to gigs with the people he sees from uni instead of with me, I got mad about this and got into a fight with him because I wanted to come out. He told me the reason he didn't invite me was because I would want his attention the whole night and would want him to stay at my place. ( I have never once gotten mad about either of these things, I only got annoyed one time because he bought his friend to a BBQ where he was my plus one and was supposed to stay over) as a result of this fight I asked that in the future/ next time if he could invite me out because I want to do the things he likes to, and to think about this so it doesn't happen again. He wasn't spending anytime with me then made me feel clingy and insecure when I wanted and ask to spend more time with him. I just wanted to know if this behaviour was a bit clingy and could have been the cause of our break up


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  • possibly but he could have been a better person and help you out

    • Yeah... he did tell me about a month before when a similar thing happened that he isn't always going to be happy and is going to need his space, kinda thought that meant just a night out with the boys not weeks without trying to see me or trying to make time

What Girls Said 1

  • Haven't seen your boyfriend in 10 days and wanting to spend some time with him is not being clingy, it's being in a relationship.

    The BBQ one, he was at fault, if you're someone's +1, you then bring someone else, that's bad manners and is extremely impolite and uncouth.

    If he wants to spend every free moment in the last 10 days with his friends, you already have the reason for your breakup.

    • Yeah that's true :) I just feel like because I told him I want to be invited next time/ in the future and want to do more things, he might have thought I wanted an invite to everything, he just made me feel really clingy because I felt he didn't want to spend anytime with me

    • It sounds like he didn't want to spend time with you, because he didn't spend any time with you in the last 10 days. After not seeing your boyfriend for 10 days, any girlfriend would want to spend time with her boyfriend, that's about being in a relationship, it's not clingy.

      I still can't get over how he invited someone to an event that he was a +1 to. That's just so rude and impolite. Like, how did he ever think that was okay?

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