Ex girlfriend sister asked me out what should I do?

Am mostly just asking for the sake of asking I pretend not to hear her till someone walked in and left. So me and my ex girlfriend had a mutual break up 14 months ago to see what else was out their n for me to handle my left over business. Me and my ex are very very close friend's we decided after talking about it 6 months ago that we are better as friends then a couple even if our relationship was perfect. So anyway my ex girlfriend sister always hates me... never had anything nice to say about me. So why is she asking me out now? I did tell my now bff , she just
laughed and said yes good luck if you say yes my sister a bitch which is true from what I known.


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  • Uhm... i couldn't really understand your explanation but from what i got.
    Dont go out with, its not safe to go out with your ex sister. Its like practically signing up a few months of dating in hell.
    If you start dating her, you're gonna need to visit her. See your ex again, and the awkward part is.. now your with her sister.
    Its not good, i dont think it will do you any good. It will start a rumour that you left your ex for her sister. Dont ask how, some people are just stupid enough to come up with that. (Since i came up with it, that doesn't mean im stupid. Im using it as an example.)
    Anyway, my opinion. Stay. Out. Of. It. Just dont.
    Reject her! In a very nice manner.
    Maybe she had a tiny crush on you while you dated her sister, which made her be mean to you.

    • I see my ex all the time since we are close friends n I vist her house twice a week and when am not at her house we are hanging out with friends or alone. Maybe you you are right people may think that and highly unlikely that has sister had a crush on me.

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  • it's a great challenge if you want to see how good you are and you want to create a little chaos, but depending on how much drama you can stand you may want to leave it alone.
    Not a good idea.

    • How is it a great challenge? N no craziness

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  • The sister was jealous so she acted rude towards you. How does your ex feel about you dating her sister? Did you and the ex have a sexual relationship? If so, dating the sister could get weird.

    • Yes me n the ex had a sexual relationship.. n my ex takes it as a joke

  • Could be a trap... don't go there. Plenty of other women out there for you without causing you any unnecessary complications and awkwardness

    • Why would it be a trap? i never really talk to NY ex sister and am still really close with my ex girlfriend we still hang out a lot even through she got a new bff.

    • i said 'could be'... only you know better. Still not a good thing unless you got the ok from your ex. my opinion. good luck.

    • True true thank u

  • say yes and screw the sister lol

  • Go out with her if she's hot.


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