Is it worth waiting for someone to fix a relationship?

I met a girl online and we immediately hit it off. We both have the same belief, only dating one person at a time. Things went a little fast, we decided to call it a relationship after 3 weeks of meeting in person. She was going through a divorce, so I was trying to be careful not to move too fast, but things just seemed right, and for quite awhile, they were.

6 months into the relationship she broke things off, turns out she dealt with emotional abuse from her ex and needed psychological help, so she's doing that. but it didn't end up completely breaking things off. We have been going out on dates still. There is just much less affection and no sex, and we see much less of each other, we both love each other, but I want her to be healed from her past marriage. she's well over her ex, just the trouble from how she was treated.

I do miss the relationship, I worry about how she is and how she feels, I give her space, but we are in touch one way or the other every day, she will send me a text every day, we will have short conversations, but coming home to an empty house without even a phone call is hard. I know if things were to work it would be worth it though.


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  • Maybe if you love that person


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