He cheated on me with his ex in Feb.

My boyfriend and me were just talking and this is what he said

BOYFRIEND: if you hurt yourself uk were done right?


BOYFRIEND: I told you this several times

GIRLFRIEND: I don't understand why

BOYFRIEND: because I'm not gonna be with another person who thinks their life sucks enough and thinks cutting yourself is the way out

GIRLFRIEND: ...I'm nothing like her

BOYFRIEND: no you r

GIRLFRIEND: is that why you're with me? I'm just another version of her?

BOYFRIEND: ur acting like she did right before everything went to he'll and she got all sorts of f***ed up and no

We've been together for well over 2 years.

He cheated on me with his ex in Feb...

I don't know what he means. I'm crying and I'm not sure how to deal with this. I'm nothing like her. I'm not a slut, I don't cheat, I don't hurt myself, I don't drink or smoke or do drugs. I'm not sure how to stop crying and feel better =(

when we say "she" we are talking about his ex


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  • This is a bad boyfriend.

    First of all, you've gotten very emotional, but it's UNDERSTANDABLE. He doesn't understand the fact that HE CAUSED YOUR EMOTIONAL DOWNFALL.

    Secondly, he CHEATED on you with his ex? Ok, I don't know if he really did cheat on you or not, BUT TALKING TO YOUR EX IS ALWAYS BAD NEWS. It's never a good thing to go back to an ex. Doesn't matter if you just want to be friends, because chances are one or the other will be too emotionally attached and then it'll lead back to the bedroom like old times.

    Your boyfriend put you in this negative state of mind. A good boyfriend would always try to make you feel better or keep your optimism going. A good 'man' never brings drama to the table, and doesn't take any back home from his girlfriend.

    If you put up with this sh*t, you're going to keep suffering. HE will cheat on you again because you're letting him do it.

    Be strong and dump this piece of walking sh*t. Don't talk to him again. You need to get over him as fast as possible and go find another guy who will treat you better and not cheat.

    • Yes, he really did cheat on me. He regrets doing it very much. He was just angry and he wasn't thinking and well I'm not passed it but I can deal with it. I love him and I don't want to give up over 2 years of us being together but when anyone brings her up or he mentions her it just hurts. Why would he bring her up? He was making a statement that he just didn't want anyone that would hurt themselves because I'm kinda sad but he thought I meant I would hurt myself, but I would never do that

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