What reasons would a guy tell a girl they would be a good wife?

I have been good friends with this guy for about five years and we sleep together whenever we visit each other (we live about four hours away so we don't see each other too often).

To describe this guy: He's extremely good-looking, intelligent, well spoken, and last, but not least, a complete player. He doesn't believe in marriage or monogamy and loves the ladies and in return they love him. He'll date the most gorgeous lady and just stop talking to her because he's bored.

We became friends through a mutual friend and started talking online for hours a couple times a week. Since we lived four hours away we rarely saw each other the first couple of years, but still managed to keep in touch. Every time we see each other the sexual chemistry is amazing. Surprisingly he's one of my close friends. He's one of the few people I could talk to about anything.

So I hadn't seen or heard from him in awhile until the beginning of 2009. I was going through a rough break-up and oddly enough as soon as I put I was single he added me on his Facebook and we were talking a lot again. He started visiting me once a month and during the summer I told him a had feelings for him, which he said he didn't have for me. That was fine. I accepted the relationship was just sex, but then things got really weird between us after I had told him how I felt.

I asked not to see him anymore since we had been doing this for awhile and really it's going to end eventually, he says fine. Then after a month or so he asked to come see me I said no there's no point. He was persistent on seeing me so I finally agreed. From that point on he started seeing me about twice a month (he still lives four hours away). When he started seeing me more he would tell me how I would make an amazing wife, he's stupid for not being with me, that he knows he could make an honest woman out of me, tells me no man could take care of me the way he can, and has jokingly proposed to me.

In my head I'm thinking WTF is going on? Why would you tell any girl this? He rejects me, then starts seeing me more, and tells me I'd make a good wife? I don't understand why any guy would tell this to a girl?

As of now we see each other about once a month. It's weird I've asked him to come see me soon and he left as soon as I asked and I would see him four hours later that night. Or if I ask I'll see him that weekend. Sorry this is long, but hopefully someone can shed some light on this.


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  • dude sounds inmature, it seems like you'll are just hot for each other, a guy might slip up and say that but any normal guy probably wouldn't continue to, I would tell him you think its creepy and stop sleeping with him once when he comes over. if he bails because of the lack of booty then you know he was only there to get a piece, that should help you figure things out a little

    • Thanks. That was a great answer. I really don't have feelings for him anymore and was okay with just having the occasional hook-up, but bringing up marriage and things of that nature really started to freak me out and make things weird. So thanks again for the input.

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