Has anyone ever felt bad about breaking up with someone?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years.
We are currently in college & doing a long distance relationship.
I'm slowly becoming less interested & a little bit bored of him. I've also been attracted to other guys & I can't shake it off.
He's nice & I know he cares about me.
I've thought about breaking up with him but I would hate to hurt him & I'm very close to his family.

I would feel so guilty breaking up with him but I don't feel fully satisfied and I really don't know why!


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  • Hey I am in a similar situation as you. 3 years. Families are close, people making jokes we're gonna get married and stuff. But I have the same thoughts as you, really. On days, it feels as easy to just throw it all away and find someone new.

    How I deal with it? I would ask you to really put into consideration your boyfriend's qualities. Create a list if you must. The reason why I have stayed loyal and happy till this day is because my girlfriend is a keeper, she is prepared for the next stage in life with me and everything I'd hope for. Eg: Knows working late night sucks but it's for money and a good future. Stop going to clubs and heavy drinking and such. Basically wife material. And I want that for my future wife. And she always has new things to talk about, deep thoughts and changing philosophies.

    Sure it's probably not too hard to find another just like her. But to me, I can't imagine how any other girl will be better than her. And she chose me, so I choose her. Sex is more or less the same with anyone once you've tried enough. Yeah sure you'll notice people, but nah, not worth throwing away something more valuable I already have just for a few months/years of LDR.

    TLDR; If he is honestly husband material and a great person that you can imagine spending your life with, stay. If he's not, you have to live with the guilt but LDR is arguably a fair reason. So I'm sure you'll be over it. Just do not regret when you do make a choice! All the best!


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  • Time for you to ask yourself why you are not satisfied. And have a conversation with him about it. Sounds like the honeymoon stage has ended for you, and you just aren't attracted to him. It will be impossible for you to be in a relationship long term with someone like that


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  • think about it a million time.. maybe the same guy that you like won't even notice you or worse he'll have a night with you and leave.. don't waste someone just because you're bored.. of course when he gets closer you will spice things up.. and if you really lost feelings for him.. leave him now better than later..


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