Is my Exes brother and friend hitting on me?

Ever since my Ex broke up with me, I've been noticing that his brother and friend have been trying to talk to me more. The brother barely talked to me while I was with my Ex, and now he's messaging more. Then again, I don't him so much..
Same with the friend, except he likes to excessively call me. The thing is, you don't call someone excessively, unless you're dating them. Before I got together with my Ex, he had a huge crush on me, but he never called me as much.. Recently, he spammed me on IMessage and on messenger with the same messages... Like. wow. 😳 All after my breakup.. plus he gave me a hard time when my Ex and I first got together..

Am I missing something here?


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  • Do you want to fuck him?

    • What the fuck? No. Eww

    • What do you want then?

  • nope seems like you are on the money


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