Why is he acting this way!? HELP!

So my ex broke up with me about 3 months ago. And it was out of nowhere. NO ONE saw it coming, not his friends, nor his family and certainly not me. Two weeks before it happened we were at a party and he grabbed me and told me how sometimes when he looks at me he can't believe I'm with him because I'm so gorgeous and yadda yadda. Like head over heels for me.

A week prior, at another party, and I must have said something to charm a group of his friends and his friend said " You marry this girl" He replied "ok" with a huge smile and kissed me on the forehead.

Then the breakup happened. A four and a half hour convo of him crying on MY shoulder. The only reasoning I was given was that he wants to tell me he loves me but doesn't know why he can't get there. The rest of it was him telling me how much he cares for me and likes me and says " It will be hard when you're looking hot at a bar and I can't keep my hands off you"

A week later he texts me saying " You know you can call me anytime. I'm here if you want/need to talk"

1.5 weeks after this we ran into each other on St. Patty's day. I was prepared to say my "Hi, how are you's. but he wouldn't even acknowledge me. He couldn't stand less than 8 ft away from me.

Told a mutual friend later that his reasoning for this is because with him being drunk he saw himself having 3 options.

#1- knock out any guy who would be talking/flirting with me

#2- talk to me end up sleeping with me and giving me the wrong idea

or #3- ignore me.

One month after this happened. We were both at a mutual friend's birthday. Again he couldn't even say "Hi". A friend to both of us went up to him and told him to say hi to me. he repeated said he couldn't. he couldn't bring himself to do it. Our friend now getting frustrated with him said "ITS NOT HARD SHES RIGHT THERE" he said "I'm sorry I can't do it. It makes me feel nauseous." and ended up walking away from her saying " I'm sorry I can't"

There's a wedding of (yet another) mutual friend and he's acting like I broke up with him and like he doesn't want to see me there. He spoke to me for the first time since the breakup and told me for 20 mins how I should be there and why I should go and that him and I both know I should go and blah blah. As I was telling him I'm really not sure if I should.

He's starting to make me feel like I dumped him!?

Ever since the breakup I gave him his space. I didn't call or text him. I gave him his space and I took mine. But now it's time to clear the air with him..but I can't when I have no idea what is going on with him!

What the heck is going on here? Can someone please help?
Why is he acting this way!? HELP!
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