HELP : girlfriend vs Mother, What Should I do?

I am 24 and on a bring of getting married on this July 2017 with my beloved ones that I knew for 3 Years already. She is my everything, We just kinda suited together. But the real problem started with my own single mothers which seems to not like her since the beginning with no reasons at all, I have tried to ask her whats the problems, but my mom just keep saying it just it's intuition. I tried to make them closer, bringing her everytime my family gathers for these past 3 years, hoping they will knew each other and solve the problem, but it turns out my mom just still keep running her mouth and sometimes even backstab me by trying to convince her to break up with me since I'm too young or else, sometimes even tells her that she wants me to never get married at all, which I think is beyond absurd. I knew all of this because my girlfriends was crying everytime she was faced by all of this, and seek me for protection and even tried to break up.

These 3 years has been somehow filled with these kind of dilema, I was always her shield, trying endlessly to convince my parents to be calm and see the true light of my girlfriend which has been really supportive through my life, I was a heavy game addict, but after she came into my life, I kinda sort out my addict, and now I have a stable income through my business, she is my best friend that can be never replaced, which lead me to propose to her in the 1st place.

my marriage is closing, but my mom running her mouth again by saying to her that this all still not fixed, some can even get cancelled. It triggers a new problems for me and my girlfriend, and now my girlfriend is even regretting to even stay with me all these years, I know she didn't mean it, but its just a kind of climax to her, which she couldn't hold it anymore. I'm really lost, I was still trying to stay by her side, since I am living with her now. But she kind of lost the feeling, I'm deeply sad and it reaches climax for me too since I can't talk to someone


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  • So your mom is doing all of this? Have you talked to your father yet. He may be able to help. He could be pretending to go along with your mother because, well, happy wife = happy life. Talk to him, see what he says, and have a civilized conversation with your mother.

    • the problem is, my mom is a single mother since I was 5.
      my father passed away long ago, and thats what I think makes my mom more "Fiercer" than ever

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  • Tell your mom
    "This is who I love and who I'm going to marry if you don't like that than too bad I have tried to include you into my life until this point if you do not except my life choices and always make my girlfriend or me unhappy am leaving and never taking to you again
    I only want people in my life who encourage me and make me happy

    • yep, what I fear the most is the dillema of choosing mother and my future wife, since I am in a condition of choosing one and lose another.
      But I have made my mind in choosing my beloved wife all above the rest, I can just hope things get better ;)

  • You should tell your mom to stay calm, and stay by your girlfriend, if you guys love each other! Don't let your mom tell you what to do, let her advice you, only that! You're a man you can make your own decisions, show your girlfriend you don't need your mom's approvoal to love her every day of her life. Your mom should support your decisions no matter what they are, anyway :(

  • your mum needs to realise that you are a grown man and you don't need her approval on everything you do. this is your life don't let her ruin your chance at love and happiness. explain to her that you love her make her realise she's kinda driving you away with her attitude. does she want to lose her son just because he wants to get married and have a happy life with someone he loves


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