Does my ex still love me or playing games?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago via email and blocked me on FB, Instagram and whatsapp. We had a very good relationship and after he went back to Europe, we been doing long distance for a year. I made so many sacrifices in this relationship. I spent all my savings to visit him in Europe and I live in Asia. Every 3 months i will flew to see him and last summer he came to see me and we went for holiday in Vietnam and Bali. We had huge argument during our vacation. I told him I didn't want to do long distance anymore, maybe it's time for me to move to Europe. He wasn't happy about it, he said he's not sure about this. After he went back home, I started to apply jobs and had Skype interview etc and the next day he broke up with me. I was crushed and I had suicidal thoughts. I can't focus and jeopardised my job. He loved me so much, always there for me whenever I needed him. We had an amazing relationship. Make each other so happy. Few weeks later he contacted me on Skype and asked me how I'm doing. We started to text everyday and he started to call me everyday. He said he was depressed without me and we continue talking like we used to be. I took the job in Europe and he was happy for me. Being very supportive and helpful. He and his mom helped me to find a place to rent. Last month I moved to Europe. The day I reached there he said I still have wrong Expectancies and I came for a wrong reason. He blocked me again on social media. I asked him to give me closure and see me for the last time but he said that's not going to happen. So I post all the stuff he gave me because I didn't want to have good memories of him. Yesterday he texted me again and asked how's everything going on with me and how's my new job. To be honest I was so angry but I can't show that to him. I replied him instead. Please help me. I don't know what to do! I'm crying every single day. Can't sleep and so depressed. I'm still hoping he will change his mind. P. S sorry for my bad English.


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  • You must really love him if you put in all that effore for him and visited him. And to move after the break-up? Amazing! I would be angry but if you liked him that much, I would reply and call him to explain how you are a bit confused and upset. Have a heart-to-heart conversation to get things a bit clearer.

    • I really love him. The last time when we spoke on the phone he said thinking of getting back together with me make him uncomfortable. He only enjoy talking to me and I makes him happy when he talked to me.

    • I take that you need to work on your English! Dont worry, its fine. Talk to him and chat about your life. If he enjoys talking to you, he will chat and maybe open up a bit. If getting back together makes him uncomfortable, it may be over, but have hope, he may just need a little nudge in the right direction.

  • This guy is totally playing games with you. Get rid of him right away.


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