How to not take a break up personally- does he not value me as a person?

My ex broke up with me exactly a year ago. We dated for 5 months but we were close friends before. During the breakup he was adamant about us still being friends and staying in each other's lives. I know lots say this during break ups but I truly believe he meant. Even before we got together, he always said how I was so trustworthy and how I'd have his back no matter what. A month after the breakup we met up but it was a bit too soon as I got a bit emotional. We then went almost 5 months NC and he reached out in October. We met up and caught up for over 3 hours. It was fun and even he said he missed hanging out but feel like we needed the break. Even suggested us doing things again in the future. I haven't heard from him since that hangout other than in November when I texted him happy bday which led to a brief text convo. I don't get it. And once in October when I texted him a joke. I really feel Our hangout went well and showed me could be friends again after a break. Why doesn't he want to be in touch/be friends? I don't know if I'm taking it too personally or being dramatic but I feel maybe he doesn't value me as a person or as a friend? Any thoughts?


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  • You really think you can be friends after a breakup? Lol smh you're delusional and need to be institutionalized so you're not a threat to yourself

    • Well yes only because we dated for only 5 months and we were friends before

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    • No i don't he's allowed to have casual sex or whatever he wants to do. But clearly nothing is sticking cause he hasn't dated anyone seriously Since me

    • We're not talking about dating. He will only come back to you for sex then be gone again with some other excuse

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