My boyfriend changed what he called me?

OK so for example if my name was Katherine..most people call me Kate except those close to me call me Katie... and lets say he stopped calling me Katie and starts calling me Kate...I'm not reading into it but it just makes me sad I guess I don't know its just weird to hear him call me a different name and I kinda wish he'd go back to what he used to call me...but I'm not entirely sure how to do it with out sounding offended or needy...idk this is all kinda stupid bu it just feels weird.


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  • He could be calling you a lot worse, let him know what you prefer he's not a mind reader, its a bit superficial but to each his own...

    • I don't mean to be superficial I'm just not a big fan of last time this happened I got dumped which wasn't fun...

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  • You're over thinking it. Just telling him you prefer being called Katie.


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  • just tell him what you prefer, and ask him why did he change about that


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